All shipments are sent FOB Vancouver or Toronto. Shipping instructions, shipping method, delivery address and delivery date must be included in the purchase order. Changes to shipping instructions must be in writing, approved by Kalmar Design and submitted at least 72 hours prior to the ship date. We will not be held responsible for delays or additional charges created by any unapproved changes. We may ship orders up to 3 days prior to customer’s ship date without notifying the customer. Orders are not insured unless requested on the PO or in writing. All orders become the customer’s property upon Kalmar Design delivery to the carrier, as all shipments are FOB factory. Customers should file claims with the specific carrier for any delayed, lost or damaged shipments. We will be happy to assist with this process, but the customer must initiate the process within 14 days of shipment. We are not responsible for delays caused by a carrier or government agency. No refunds, credits or returns will be given to a customer due to carrier or government agency delays.


Split shipments:


For split shipments to more than three locations, a split shipment charge of $7.50 per location will apply. Additional charges may apply for some split shipments. Please call customer service for details.


Miscellaneous Shipping Information:


If a delivery address is not included on the PO, Kalmar Design will hold the shipment of the order for up to three days before shipping via ground carrier directly to the customer’s address on file. The customer is responsible for any additional freight charges caused by address changes, residential service, re-routed packages, returned packages and/or other adjustments made by the carriers. These additional freight charges will be invoiced to the customer in a supplemental invoice 15 to 60 days after the shipment.




A request for a return for credit or refund must be made in writing. The request must state the specific reason for the return and be submitted within 30 calendar days of the invoice. Kalmar Design will approve all returns in writing and arrange for the goods to be returned. Refusing, abandoning or sending back a shipment without prior factory approval does not constitute an approval by factory. When approved, returned products must be in the same condition as when they left the factory and the return credit will only be issued for the actual quantity returned. Contact a customer service representative for all return authorization requests. Returns of blank items are subject to a restocking charge of 20% of the net cost of the item, or a minimum of $50, plus all freight costs. Samples cannot be returned.